Leadership: How Real Estate Leaders Can Act Decisively to Change the Industry

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The real estate industry is in the midst of profound transformation. Changes in technology, society, the economy, and the natural environment are putting longstanding business models to the test. Without decisive action, real estate businesses may face the fate of other industries, where leaders sat on the sidelines as a tsunami of disruption swept them by. Can the leaders of real estate come together to harness the power of these changes, overcome the challenges of today, and seize the opportunities of tomorrow? 

This throughly researched and reported book by the staff of Inman News provides a blueprint for real estate leadership in the 21st century. It contains Q-and-As, articles, survey results, insights and strategies from real estate industry pros—both those in leadership positions and those in the rank-and-file. Above all, it offers solutions and ideas for what leaders must do to survive and thrive in the new, on-demand, data-rich world of property transacting. Times are changing: leadership must evolve to change with them, and this book is here to help guide the way.