Fire Up! Taking Your Life and Business to 11

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Fire Up! Taking Your Life and Business to 11 (Second Edition) is where personal development meets business.

This book is written for growth-minded leaders and entrepreneurs looking to personally level up AND take their business to new heights. It's ideal for those thinking about starting a business that leverages a strong personal brand to build trust and connection like: real estate, mortgage, networking marketing consultants, authors, bloggers, speakers, coaches, etc.

If you are ready to define and design your best, truest self, then learn how to share and amplify your fresh, authentic story online, this is the book for you! The results will translate into a life, business, brand, culture, and attitude that all shine online to attract ideal connections, grow your influence and loyal audience, and ultimately fire you up and into your greatest achievements.

Debra's proven steps and strategies are based on years of research, mentoring, and coaching that assisted her in identifying roadblocks and limiting beliefs that restrain individuals from developing a positive, productive and profitable mindset.

Are you ready to FIRE UP? Let's do this!