How to be a Great Real Estate Agent: The Principles of Client-Oriented Real Estate (CORE)

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When you are a great real estate agent, all sorts of good things happen for you.

In How to be a Great Real Estate Agent, Joe Rand shows you how to take a client-oriented approach to every aspect of your business:

  • How to generate leads by providing creative services to people, rather than trying to manipulate them.
  • How to turn your boring presentations relying on an outdated value proposition into engaging client consultations explaining the core services you actually provide.
  • How to provide amazing client experiences by thinking expansively about what clients need, creatively about how to give it to them, and then executing well.

Because when you’re great at your job, your listings sell, your buyers buy, your deals close, and your clients rave about you.

How to Be a Great Real Estate Agent will change the way you think about the industry, making you a better real estate agent—and a better person.