Talking in Pictures: How Snapchat Changed Cameras, Communication, and Communities

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Real time visual communication is a requirement for every modern day marketing and personal branding strategy. Sharing stories through a camera accelerates trust and relatability, two of the most important factors to connecting with consumers.

Snapchat changed social media as we know it. This app empowered users to share experiences “in the moment” with people all over the world by simply using the camera in their pockets. We no longer use images to merely preserve memories, we use our pictures to communicate.

This one of a kind book offers a comprehensive overview of the disruptively innovative features of an app that inspired changes within every major social platform. All-new information on how Snapchat’s leveraged human psychology and neuroscience to create one of the most habit-forming and intimate conversation pipelines available today.

Talking In Pictures provides you with a roadmap to creating brand awareness and build an engaged community with targeted tactics to increase your credibility, camera presence and a proven process to creating valuable content. Learn how to attract your ideal clients and prospects by creating content that will connect with their heads and their hearts, making you relatable and establishing you as a thought leader in your niche.

Whether you’re a novice or master Snapchatter, this book will provide you with actionable step-by-step process to developing your core message, identifying your niche, accelerating brand awareness and creating business success through a camera first marketing strategy.

This book is ideal for marketers, small business owners, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and anyone in between who aspires to build a brand that connects authentically with a target audience, regardless of age or skill level.

The best part about these essential strategies and best practices is that they apply to Facebook, Instagram and every other social network you are currently using.