The Right Way to Do Wrong: A Novel

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Doing the Right Thing Has Many Shades of Gray

Baza Ponce, a 35-year-old Honduran immigrant, has already achieved the American dream by any standards. Steeped with Ivy League and Silicon Valley credentials, Baza is rising in a position with the Mayor’s Office in New York City when the carrot of Wall Street riches is dangled in front of him in the early noughties. After a chance meeting with a colorful wheeler and dealer from the rating agency Moody’s, he joins the company in the height of the real estate boom.

Baza hopes if he can just make enough money he can afford to keep his lifestyle firmly in place. Yet it isn’t long before he becomes irretrievably conflicted by the growing housing bubble, which he sees as a perilous house of cards, his desire to do good and prove his family proud, and the need to continue to satisfy his deepest desires. The Right Way to Do Wrong is a timeless parable that explores the conflict between personal interests and societal mores.